What is jal manch

सुनिश्चहित जलतंत्र, समृद्ध लोकतंत्र
Jal Manch is an altruistic Non-Government Organisation (NGO) dedicated to bring about a positive change and is governed by the principle which says, “Assured Jaltantra (water resources), Prosperous Loktantra”. JalManch is committed to finding a solution to India’s water disputes at different state-level and ensuring clean water for everyone.

Indian subcontinent has 6 major river disputes which has more than 15 states involved in mutual rift to have these resolved. Floods and droughts are both catastrophic. Its highly inhuman and insane to have people die in one state due to floods and bad water management and at the same time have people die due to drought and heat in the adjoining state.

JalManch has an intention of having a permanent ‘Jal Lokpal’ in the country to resolve water disputes amicably. It also proposes the establishment of river boards in each state to find a community-based solution to water conflict and encourage water-sharing among all people without barriers.Jalmanch is an organization that is willing to go the extra mile to bring about awareness, the knowledge and an eco-system where the people can help one another for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

No Boundaries, No War, No Restrictions & No Politics over India Water Resources

At Jal Manch, we respect the right of every individual to have easy access to safe drinking water..

Our Vision

JalManch has the vision of having a permanent ‘Jal Lokpal’ in the country to resolve water disputes amicably.

By giving a viable platform for debates and exchange of experience, Jal Manch wants to reach a common strategic vision on water conservation, interconnection of rivers and establishment of JalLokpal.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Our vision will be accomplished if the following goals are achieved:

  • Establishment of JalLokpal Bill and successfully passed by the government in both the houses of the parliament.
  • Interconnection of rivers to avoid river overflow in any state and seamless water sharing without any state boundary limitations.
  • High quality drinking water to all the Indian nationals.
  • Bring about a feeling of pain and compassion towards water wastage amongst the Indian nationals.

What we do

  • Work Towards Solving Water Conflicts

    We want all water resources should be available to everyone without discrimination. We want people from each state to come forward and help this noble cause of ensuring they along with their fellow countrymen have water flowing. However, we want to have achieve this via total nonviolence and cooperation.

  • Rehabilitation of water ponds across the nation

    We work with the local panchayats and concern authorities to help rejuvenate the ponds that would help the local residents, the ferns and fauna as well as the animals in the area.

  • Water Conservation, campaign for better water usage policies.

    We promote the water harvesting as a solution to deal with water contamination issues. जल यत्र, तत्र और सर्वत्र है – Jal yatra hain, tatra hai aur sarvatra hain, it will only stay like that until we do not abuse the natural resource.



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